In Pictures: Latest from Beamish

With the quieter period continuing at Beamish a two tram service (one clockwise and one anti-clockwise) continues to suffice at most times on the tramway with Thursday 17th October seeing Blackpool 31 running clockwise and Sheffield 264 anti-clockwise. Meanwhile, the big transport infrastructure project remains the new bus depot with the main structure now in place and fitting out of the interior to follow ahead of an official opening at a date to be announced.

Of note as well is that deep inside the tram depot both Newcastle & Gosforth 49 – the horse tram made up of bits of that tram and Leamington & Warwick 8 – and Gateshead 52 have had lighting applied. Work on the horse car has been ongoing for a number of years by the Friends of Beamish as and when time allows but quite why the derelict 52 also has lighting applied remains a mystery!

The two aforementioned trams now with lighting applied. Gateshead 52 is on the left with Newcastle & Gosforth 49 on the right. (Photograph by Trevor Hall, 17th October 2019)

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One Response to In Pictures: Latest from Beamish

  1. Andy B says:

    No mystery why 52 has had the fairy lights applied. The normal lighting isn’t working in that area for various reasons, so to light the passageway up the fairy lights have been fitted and are a temporary installation.