No change for Tyne and Wear Metro performance

It’s as you were on the Tyne and Wear Metro following the release of the latest performance statistics. This period stretches between 21st July and 17th August with 85% of trains reported as arriving on time during these four weeks – the exact same percentage as the previous period and just one percent higher than the corresponding period in 2018.

This time around there are two incidents which caused issues for punctuality – well, at least according to the poster at stations at any rate. The first was on 23rd July with a passenger illness requiring an ambulance to attend and for obvious reasons leading to the service being temporarily suspended whilst they were treated. Then on 25th July there was a train door fault at Gateshead; Metro have said they are spending £1.3 million more on train maintenance to try and reduce incidences like this.

Its hard to believe that these were the incidents which caused the most issue in this four weeks when 15% of all trains were running late but that’s all they are willing to share this time around!

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