In Pictures: Trams in the works at Crich

The workshops at the Crich Tramway Village are usually a hive of activity with major projects in hand to bring more trams into service and the situation is no different at the moment with three major projects taking place. The biggest of these is the major restoration of London County Council 1 with another tram from capital, London Transport 1622, also being worked on and the final tram being Newcastle 102. In this pictorial update we take a look at the current state of these three trams.

The restoration of London County Council 1 has now entered its sixth year – having entered the conservation workshop back on 14th June 2014 – and good progress continues to be made with its trucks now fitted and all clearances checked. The blue livery – hence its name Bluebird – is also continuing to progress with plenty of work also taking place internally. This has included the recent delivery of the first of the seat moquette which has had to be specially ordered.

Newcastle 102 entered the workshop on 30th June 2018 and this is located at the back of road 3 in the Workshop. Again, good progress seems to be being made on its overhaul – which is being funded by the Tramcar Sponsorship Organisation – with the original timeframe for its completion being three years.

The most recent arrival into the Workshop is London Transport 1622 which was moved in over the winter for its seven year lift having been withdrawn from service awaiting this work. Unfortunately, as so often seems to be the case, upon being lifted from its trucks more work than was expected was discovered which has delayed its re-entry to service and the tram currently remains lifted at the rear of road 2. Its truck have now been placed on road 4 on the depot awaiting refitting in the future.

No dates have been announced for when any of these trams will re-enter service with Crich taking the sensible decision to wait and see when the work may be completed before setting a unachievable deadline. Both 1 and 102 look set to be very popular trams when they are back in service (Bluebird looks to a tram which is especially eagerly anticipated when you look at the number of likes this tram gets when it features on our Facebook page!)

The general view of the Workshop taken from ground level outside the main entrance. LCC 1 is on the right with Newcastle 102 immediately behind. Meanwhile, London Transport 1622 is alongside 102. Not immediately apparent here is that 1622 is lifted off its trucks currently.

A side on view of 1622 in the Workshop, although you can’t see much here!

Another look at 1622 at the rear of the Workshop. Here you can see that the tram currently remains lifted.

Newcastle 102 in the Workshop. Externally the tram has enjoyed attention to its paintwork on the day of these photos the lower saloon was being worked on.

London Transport 1622’s trucks can now be found on road 4 in the main depot awaiting a time when they can be put back under the tram once more. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior, 15th July 2019)

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