NET delays after stolen car abandoned on tram tracks

A stolen car was abandoned on the tram tracks at David Lane in Basford on Wednesday 23rd January causing delays to the tram service for an hour and a half. All tram services were suspended between Wilkinson Street and Bulwell with a replacement bus service put into service whilst there was a reduced service from Wilkinson Street to Station Street and Bulwell to Hucknall. It is believed that the man in the stolen car abandoned the vehicle after he saw a Police Car – he was not found having fled from the scene. The tramway was closed between 1745 and 1915 whilst Police investigations were undertaken and the car was removed from the tracks.

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1 Response to NET delays after stolen car abandoned on tram tracks

  1. John Stewart says:

    Yet again a substantial loss of service caused by an incident that had no connection with the operation of the tramway. Years ago the procedure would have been to give priority to clearing the obstruction but now we always seem to have “investigations”, often into the blindingly obvious.

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