Picture in Time: Blackpool Boats 605 & 604

For the next few weeks we are going to be featuring images from Blackpool in 2007 and we start off with a view of two of the always popular Boat Cars – neither of which are currently in service in two very different locations.

Taken on 7th August 2007 we are at the always recognisable location of Pleasure Beach loop with warm, fine weather seeing some of the Boat Cars allocated to specials on the Prom and a couple just taking a break. The two Boats seen here are 605 and 604 and as we write these notes neither are available for service although for one it is a long way from home!

605, now renumbered 233, can today be found in San Francisco having been sold by the Lancastrian Transport Trust in 2013 cutting short a loan period at Beamish but is currently out of service requiring some workshop attention. The second Boat Car seen here – 604 – has remained in Blackpool throughout and now carrying the number 230 is out of service waiting workshop space to return it to service.

Photograph by Bryan Grint

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