In Pictures: 1950s weekend at Beamish

Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th July saw Beamish head back to the 1950s (or is that forward to the 1950s?!) for another weekend event. As always the trams provided a vital transport link around the museum site with the Saturday of the event seeing four trams allocated to service all running in a clockwise direction. The four trams were Blackpool 31, Blackpool 40, Newcastle 114 and Sheffield 264. Leo Dembry has provided us with the following photos.

Blackpool Marton Box 31 arrives at the clockwise stop in the town with a full load of passengers.

Blackpool & Fleetwood Box 40 pauses in the town. This time around it had the Ash Street Fleetwood destination display on its blind.

Another view of 40 in the town.

Newcastle 114 approaches the stop at the Entrance.

In this view we see Sheffield 264 as it arrives in the Town passing the sweet shop with unusually doesn’t have a big queue coming out of its door!

Another view of 264 as it approaches the stop at Foulbridge/Home Farm. (All Photographs by Leo Dembry, 13th July 2019)

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