In Pictures: It never rains but it pours in Sheffield!

We head back until Sunday 2nd December 2018 for this small pictorial article as heavy rain in Sheffield lead to trams having to plough through surface water as they continued running the normal service without much complaint. In this update Nigel Pennick was in the Hillsborough area of the city – where both Blue and Yellow route service runs – and captured these images of the original trams constructed by Siemens-Duewag in the early 1990s.

117 at Langsett Road operating a Blue route service to Malin Bridge.

Another view, this time we see a Yellow route tram in the form of 104.

104 passes 102.

One final view as we see 102 heading away from the camera and bound for Meadowhall. (All Photographs by Nigel Pennick)

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