In Pictures: Trams to Glory Mine

Ever since the 2019 season got underway at Crich there has been a revised service running with the work on the track renewal at Glory Mine having overrun. At times the service has only run as far as Wakebridge whilst further work has been completed at the terminus (with a few recent curtailments as more work was undertaken) whilst when trams have run to Glory Mine it has not been all the way with passengers unable to alight. But now an end is in sight with trams regularly running through to Glory Mine and passengers now also able to board and alight trams here. In the following photos Blackpool 166 demonstrates the new look for Glory Mine…

Probably the biggest change for regular visitors to Crich will be at the very end of the line where there is now an extra length of track for trams to use and the area has also been opened out a bit providing more space for turning the trolley. With 166 having just arrived the trolley is turned in this view.

166 prepares to move forward from the stub.

166 heads back south towards the actual tramtop at Glory Mine. A newly qualified driver is at the controls.

As passengers wait to board 166 pulls forward to the stop ready to go back to the main museum site. (All Photographs by Keith Chadbourne, 5th July 2019)

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2 Responses to In Pictures: Trams to Glory Mine

  1. peter narramore says:

    The new layout looks good. It must have taken a lot of hard work over the winter

  2. Chris Callan says:

    It must have been frustrating visitors attending during the (and no doubt the museum itself) curtailed service as a result of the overrun. Hopefully its finally fully commissioned now.

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