In Pictures: Make that a triple for EE in Edinburgh!

It is now a case of seeing triple in Edinburgh as 269 has become third of the CAF constructed trams to have received an identical advert for EE’s 5G network! The tram follows on from 267 and 275 which have also received the same advert in recent weeks. The application of this advert on 269 also brings an end to another C R Smith advert with its vinyls “from Inverness to Edinburgh” removed in order for this new contract to be unveiled.

269 heads towards the city at Haymarket Yards, the last section of reserved track before it becomes a street tramway between Haymarket and York Place. Just beyond the tramway are the quadruple tracks of the mainline railway.

269 at Haymarket as it continues its journey to York Place. (Both Photographs by Roy Calderwood, 25th June 2019)

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