In Pictures: Not quite all yellow for 3099 after all!

The thing with all over adverts is often you get a different design on each side as we have seen time after time and sometimes it can catch you out when you see one side and presume the other side is the same – such as the latest advert applied to 3099! As we reported last week 3099 is advertising Gymshark and we commented on how it had made the tram very yellow but then turn it over and see the opposite side and its black, pretty much as far away from yellow as you can get!

Indeed the design on the reverse side is not just a complete replica just with different colours as there seems to be less use of contravision and rather than the Gymshark logo it uses the slogan “We Lift The City”. This side of the tram is definitely a bold advert which really stands out against the tram.

3099 has just left Victoria as it joins 2CC with a service heading to East Didsbury. (Photograph by Mike McNiven)

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