Passenger numbers and revenue growth on Edinburgh Trams confirmed

The continued success of the tram line in Edinburgh between York Place in the city centre and the Airport has once again been shown with both revenue and passenger numbers continuing to grow. The figures for 2018 have shown that there has been a 22% increase in revenue and a 10% rise in passenger numbers.

7.3 million passenger journeys were recorded in 2018 – a increase of 600,000 from the 2017 figures. This now means that there have been 27.7 million passenger journeys since the system opened in May 2014 with the first part year seeing 2.9 million journeys and then the first full year in 2015 recording 5.2 million journeys.

All in all good news from Edinburgh with the trams now very much part of the transport system for visitors and residents alike.

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