In Pictures: More from Beamish

The Half Term holidays may be over but Beamish still continues to be busy enough for a three tram service to operate. That was what was in operation on Tuesday 4th June with three long-term residents in service: Blackpool 31 and Sheffield 264 running clockwise and Sunderland 16 anti-clockwise. Trevor Hall paid a visit and also captured some of the other trams stabled outside the depot.

Blackpool 31 and Sunderland 16 pass at Foulbridge.

Sheffield 264 was the other tram in service and it is seen here meeting up with Sunderland 16 at the Entrance.

Outside the depot and Oporto 196 and Manchester 765.

In this view we see Manchester 765 at rest.

An interior shot of Manchester 765.

The bus depot continues to be built and this information poster gives more details of what is coming. (All Photographs by Trevor Hall, 4th June 2019)

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