Tyne & Wear Metro performance increases

It may be hard to believe after the way the period begun but the latest four week performance stats on the Tyne and Wear Metro have shown that train punctuality has increased from the previous period with 82% of all trains said to be on-time. The previous period saw only 80% on time.

This latest period begun on 28th April and then from 29th of that month until 3rd May there was major Metro disruption due to the coming down of the overhead at both West Monkseaton and Chillingham Road. Despite this major period of disruption still 82% of trains were reported as being on time (within three minutes later or 30 seconds earlier). This was an improve of two percentage points from the previous four weeks but was slightly down on the 83% seen at the same time last year. Its unclear whether the cancelled and curtailed services during this period weren’t included or if the performance after the repairs was so good it brought it up.

Other delays during the four weeks were attributed to train faults on 5th, 6th and 15th May.

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