In Pictures: It’s just another day at Beamish

Tuesday 7th May saw a three tram service at Beamish with Oporto 196 and Sheffield 264 in action clockwise and Sunderland 16 running anti-clockwise. As the season starts to develop more trams are expected to be seen in service on a daily basis with the current plan being that the five resident trams will be rotated to even out wear. Meanwhile progress continues to be made on the construction of the new bus depot with a completion date suggested for the end of this summer which will then give additional capacity in the tram depot. Trevor Hall is the photographer.

With Manchester 765 is under attention in the depot with Grimsby & Immingham 26 alongside.

Stabled on road 4 was Blackpool 31 and we see the tram here with 765 for company. The new Darlington bus can just be spied on the far side.

Out on the tramway circuit and the sight of Sheffield 264 and Sunderland 16 passing at Foulbridge.

The main structure of the new bus depot is taking shape. (All Photographs by Trevor Hall, 7th May 2019)

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