Collision in Laxey

Manx Electric Railway Tunnel Car 6 was involved in a collision with a car in Laxey as it was heading north to Ramsey on Monday 6th May. The incident happened at the junction of Mines Road and Dumbell Terrace shortly after departure from Laxey Station at approximately 1410. This location is a non-signalled crossing and is the second of two crossings for northbound trams in close proximity. It isn’t known exactly what happened in this instance but photos from the scene showed that there was damage to the front steps of the tram and to the left-hand side of the car. No injuries were reported at the scene with the BBC describing the tram as “full of passengers” and then going on to say there were 14 on board! After the Police attended the scene and started an investigation the line was reopened through the area, around one hour later.

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  1. David M says:

    A typical piece of media exaggeration I am afraid.

    The car was on Ultimate Driver Experience duty and probably had a total of four individuals onboard. I did not witness the accident but was on a following car, number 20. In terms of that days timetable D operation the aftermath was:

    Car 6 taken out of service suffering with damaged steps at one end. Car 2 on the 13.40 off Douglas was terminated at Laxey and became the UDE car causing cancellation of the 15.10 off Ramsey, its next scheduled turn. The 14.10 and 14.40 departures from Douglas both reversed at the Laxey Car Shed crossover and continued wrong line into the station, The 14.40 continuing to Ramsey using the crossover at Browns/Ham and Egg to get back on the right line. Car 6 ran empty to depot.

    Tram allocations on the day were:

    MER D: D1: 7+59
    D2; 2+51
    D3: 5+47
    D4: 20+46
    D5: 22+44
    UDE: 6

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