In Pictures: Blackpool North Station extension latest

The work to connect the old Promenade tramway tracks with those being installed in Talbot Square and Talbot Road for the Blackpool North Railway Station extension has been continuing in recent weeks. Whilst there is still some work to be completed before the two are as one excellent progress has been made with the tracks being welded together ahead of the final road surface being put into place. There still remains no word on a possible opening date for the line with no sign of a new store for Wilkinson’s on the immediate horizon which, of course, means there is nowhere for the new terminus to go. Peter Dockerty with the photos.

Welding taking place on the track with Stenconfer Portugal contracted to do the work.

With daily Heritage Tram Tours currently taking place for the February Half Term holidays Box 40 has been a regular performer ahead of its departure for Beamish and then Crich. We see 40 passing the new junction whilst working on tours with a service back to Pleasure Beach. (Both Photographs by Peter Dockerty, 11th February 2019)

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