In Pictures: Tracklaying continues in Blackpool

Although the bulk of trackwork on the junction between the Promenade tramway and the new line up Talbot Road to Blackpool North Railway Station was completed in December during a partial closure of the tramway there remains some work to be completed along with other work along Talbot Road. It is expected that the trackwork will be completed during February although with the Wilkinson’s building still very much in situ there will still need to more tracklaying in the future once this has finally been demolished. Tony Stevenson has provided us with these latest images.

Looking into Talbot Square from the Prom with the new junction taking shape. As can be seen on the left the tracks are still to be fully connected.

A Flexity tram gently makes its way past the barriers surrounding the junction trackworks. (Both Photographs by Tony Stevenson)

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