September Review – Blackpool: No. 12 – Pleasure Beach loop

One of the major features of the September Spectacular in Blackpool is the number of trams which can be found on Pleasure Beach loop waiting for their turn to run in service again, providing plenty of extra photographic opportunities. And that is where we find ourselves for this article.

On 22nd September and there are trams at the head of both inner and outer loops. On the right the inner loop is led by Centenary 642 whilst the left hand side shows Balloon 715. Brush 631 can also be seen in the background behind 715.

The second day of the event – 23rd September – and it is a very busy scene here with Balloon 717 and Railcoach 680 in the foreground. We can also see Bolton 66, Boat 600 and the front of Balloon 700 in this view.

Later on the same day and Boat 600 has now switched to the inner loop as it just gets ready to depart for Little Bispham. Also present are Centenary 648. Brush 621, Box 40, Centenary 642 (just about visible) and Balloon 718. (All Photographs by Gareth Prior)

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