In Pictures: Metrolink 3036’s new vinyls

The vinyl revolution on Manchester Metrolink is showing no signs of slowing down with the latest tram to receive some being 3036. This is not a full vinyl wrap livery a la many of other all over adverts but has just received full window vinyls on the windows either side of the centre articulation with no changes to the bodyside fleet livery. With the slogan “Hello Manchester” it advertises Lululemon who apparently sell yoga clothes and running gear although the actual advert doesn’t tell you who the advertiser is with just the firms logo!

3036 at Northern Moor on 22nd October.

A close-up of the window vinyls. (Photographs x2 by Dave Elison)

A further view of 3036 as it departs from Piccadilly with a service to Altrincham. (Photograph by Kian Lewis)

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