In Pictures: New arrangements at Grand Central

Since 24th September all arrivals and departures at Grand Central on West Midlands Metro have been using the same platform, the platform which is closest to Birmingham New Street station. This is because there are construction works in progress to extend the line to Centenary Square and Edgbaston which are preventing trams running forward to reverse for the opposite platform. This arrangement is expected to be in place until summer 2019 by which time the track should be connected to the new line ahead of the start of services later next year. The new arrangements were captured on camera by Ian Nightingale.

37 stands at Grand Central. Barriers block the other track, the road where the trams used to run to reverse is closed and the passenger information display tells prospective passengers to use platform 1.

A view from the other end of the stop with 29 the tram posing for us this time. (Both Photographs by Ian Nightingale, 3rd October 2018)

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