San Francisco Boats in action

Question, where is the only place so far in 2018 to have seen two Blackpool Boat Cars run on the same day? Answer, San Francisco! The two Boat Cars resident in San Francisco – 228 and 233 – were both used over the Muni Heritage Weekend on 8th and 9th September; the first time both have been used for quite some time and a pleasing development for the future of these trams.

The Muni Heritage weekend takes place each year with many heritage trams and streetcars running between San Francisco Railway Museum and Pier 39 – including a totally free service. This year 228 and 233 were included in the roster and proved to be very popular additions in the fine weather. The two Boat Cars have been undergoing maintenance for a fairly lengthy period but both were cleared for service allowing them to do what they do best – run in service for delighted visitors!

In addition to the use over the two days of the weekend, 233 was used on a Private Hire on the Friday evening. This saw it show off the “HERITAGE TOUR” destination blind, part of its special replica destination blinds created by Peter Watts. The Blackpool connection didn’t end there either as one of the drivers on board 233 on the Sunday wore a Blackpool Heritage Tram Tours hi-vis vest!

* Photos from the weekend are available on Market Street Railway website.

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