In Pictures: Seaton Tramway during August

This small pictorial article takes a look at a few of the sights of the Seaton Tramway during August. With the new terminus at Seaton now officially opened it is quickly becoming a familiar sight for visitors with the four tracks often filled with trams – some in service and some just on display. Keith Chadbourne is the photographer.

The lowest numbered tram in the fleet is 2. In this view we see it at Swans Nest loop.

At Colyton where 8 has just arrived and passengers disembark. 11 is seen in the background about to depart up the line.

10 approaches Riverside Depot – its nice block paving installed for when this acted as a temporary terminus now mainly redundant with no passengers able to alight here once again – with 14 in hot pursuit.

A look in the new Seaton terminus with passengers on board 12 in the centre with this tram flanked by 10 and 2.

14 at Cownhayne loop. (All Photographs by Keith Chadbourne)

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