Hot weather leads to drop in Metrolink performance

Continuing the up and down trend of performance on Manchester Metrolink the latest figures have shown that both punctuality and reliability are down although both remain around the same mark as they have since KeolisAmey Metrolink started to publicly release the data.

This set of figures relate to Period 4 in 2018/9 which is between 24th June and 21st July. With the unusual high temperatures being experienced in Manchester during these four weeks there were a higher than expected tram faults along with two overhead power line failures which contributed to the fall.

For Punctuality – that’s trams departing less than two minutes late – the overall figure was 89.3% (down from 90.6% – which had been the highest figure in the released stats). Of note is that the best and the worst of the lines was the same as in the previous period with the Altrincham line seeing 94.6% of trams leaving less than two minutes late (itself a small fall from 94.7%) with only 86.1% of trams on the Eccles line (again this was slightly lower, with the previous four weeks seeing 86.3% of trams meeting this target).

On the Reliability front – the number of planned miles which operated – there was a decrease to 98.9% (from 99.5%). The Altrincham line (99.3%) was supplanted by the Ashton-under-Lyne line (99.4%) as top performer. Ashton had previously been bottom of the charts but this time around it was the Eccles line which took that dubious accolade (97.7%).

Other news contained in the TfGM report is that at four hot spot locations where road vehicles keep finding their way on to the tram tracks increased signage is to be installed in another attempt to try and reduce these incidents and the inevitable delays which follow.

* As always the full report can be viewed on the TfGM website.

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