Sold Douglas Horse Tram on the move

One of the trams sold by Douglas Borough Council at the time of the transfer of ownership of the horse tramway looks set to start a new life off the Isle of Man with pictures recently coming to light of it being loaded for a “long trip”. The tram in question is enclosed saloon 28.

28 had attracted the highest big in the auction (£2,800) and was the last of the sold trams to have actually left Strathallan Depot with the tram not leaving until 1st February 2017 for another location on the island. Not much has been known about the trams which were sold and 28 is no different with no reports of who had acquired the tram or where it was stored. But now it is on the move once again with J W Kneen & Son transporting the tram for its move with Mezeron Shipping.

The other trams sold – 33, 34, 37, 39 and 40 – are believed to remain on the island in private ownership.

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