In Pictures: Track laying in Wolverhampton

We reported a few days ago about the start of tracklaying in Wolverhampton City Centre for the extension of West Midlands Metro and now we can bring you photos of the latest progress on this work. This is just one of several stages of work on the extension and although this will be completed later this summer the whole line won’t be available for trams to run until 2020 with work on the redevelopment around the Railway Station delayed. Gregor Baddeley with the images.

Looking through the safety fence of Piper’s Row we see the first sections of track now in situ. In the foreground sleeps are in place but track is still awaited.

A view from the other side of the road. The road surface has been removed to allow for the trackbed to be formed and then the track laid on top of this.

One final view showing the extent of the track laying so far along Piper’s Row. (All Photographs by Gregor Baddeley, 11th July 2018)

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