Services set to resume on Edinburgh Trams

Edinburgh Trams are hopeful that they will be able to resume a normal service from the start of Friday 15th June following the completion of repairs to the infrastructure at Edinburgh Airport after the collision during the evening of Wednesday 13th June. As we reported at the time 258 was knocked off the rails after an airport bus collided with it at approximately 1730 with trams only able to run between York Place and Gyle Centre since.

It has now been confirmed that three people were injured in the incident with the 66 year old bus driver remaining in a critical condition at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary. Both the tram driver and conductor also received hospital treatment but have since been released. Fortunately the bus had no passengers as otherwise the number of injuries may have been higher judging by photos showing the condition of the bus when it was removed from the scene. Varying reports have suggested there were between six and 20 passengers on board the tram, none of whom were reported as injured.

Investigations are now underway to the causes of the accident with this being led by Police Scotland who are appealing for witnesses to contact them by phoning 101.

During Thursday 14th June 258 has been removed from the scene following rerailing with the damage now to be assessed back at the depot. Once the tram was cleared repairs to the infrastructure took place and 271 has been used to test the track. These are believed to have been a success with Edinburgh Trams stating they plan to resume a full service from 0500 on Friday 15th June – if not before.

During the disruption Edinburgh Trams tickets have been valid on Lothian Buses whilst the car park at the Gyle Centre has been made available for tram passengers to use as a park and ride whilst Ingliston is closed.

A spokesperson from Edinburgh Trams has said: “The well-being of everyone involved in the incident continues to be our number one priority. We are working with the emergency services and our partners to assist the Police in their investigation. We’re grateful for the understanding of our customers as we worked closely with our partners in response to the incident.”

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2 Responses to Services set to resume on Edinburgh Trams

  1. Bigalasdair says:

    What really surprises me are the press reports that the tram was carrying only SIX passengers at the time of the incident (5.20 pm). Brings into question passenger statistics hitherto claimed by Edinburgh Trams !

  2. Bigalasdair says:

    Edinburgh Trams’ Twitter site suggests that normal services resumed today.

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