New book series to be released

Four new books are to be released in a new series which aims to document the rich transport and social history at the heart of Wales’ town and cities. Written by Peter Waller, Lost Tramways of Wales will, unsurprisingly, look at the trams which operated in various locations in the country.

The four books in the series will concentrate on Cardiff, Swansea and Mumbles, North Wales and South Wales and Valleys with each book costing £8.99 with 64 pages. In each book Peter Waller guides the reader along the route of each network and discusses its key features stop by stop. This is complimented by extensive photo illustration throughout, including many archives images not previously seen in print. There is also full information on tram models, their service and their history.

Published by Graffeg the books are due to be released during June 2018. They will also be followed by further volumes as the series expands into England (called, would you believe it, Lost Tramways of England!) with Nottingham, Bristol, Coventry and Southampton all planned for release in October 2018.

The cover of the Lost Tramways of Wales: Cardiff by Peter Waller.

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