In Pictures: What’s that? Oh yes, more adverts in Edinburgh!

The application of adverts on Edinburgh Trams shows no signs of slowing down (well it does actually as it won’t be long before they’ve run out of trams!) with not one but two more recently been confirmed as being in use. Both are for existing sponsors with the 20th ad for C R Smith on 265 whilst the Parabola development at Edinburgh Park has a second tram with an advert now applied to 268.

The advert on 265 is identical to that which is carried on 256 with the “Whoever fitted it, we can fix it” slogan. This is incredibly the 20th advert for the window company, an unprecedented number in modern UK tramways although obviously there were major advertising deals back in the days of first generation trams such as Binns in Sunderland.

The second new advert is on 268 which advertises the proposed development at Edinburgh Park – a location which is on the tramway of course – by Parabola. This one is different to the advert for the same sponsor on 254 with the beigey plastery colour replaced by a darker colour scheme. The signwriting remains the same and the website address mentioned does now work.

As with the other 23 adverts carried on the trams full height adverts are applied to the third and fifth sections with above window ads on the remainder of the trams.

Now the question is how long before the last remaining tram in fleet livery – 264 – succumbs and joins in with adverts?!

A close-up of the full height advert on 265. (Photograph by Roy Calderwood)

Looking at the advert on 268 for the Parabola development at Edinburgh Park. The colours are inverted from that on 254.

Another view of 268 and its adverts. (Photographs x2 by John Hampton)

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