In Pictures: Latest Tram-Train construction work

Within the next four months or so it is currently planned that the UK’s inaugural Tram-Train service between Sheffield and Rotherham will be up and running (September is set as the much delayed opening date but whether this is met remains to be seen). However, before this will be able to happen the final stages of construction will need to be completed and as this latest pictorial update from Glyn Hill shows recent progress has been slow to say the least.

It has been six months since our photographer last went up to the Rotherham Parkgate terminus and in that time there has been very little work undertaken. In this view we see the platform where he main change has been the addition of the basis structure of a shelter.

The platform is still awaiting final surfacing.

Access to the platform is also in the same state.

Another view of the platform showing more or less the same situation. (All Photographs by Glyn Hill)

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