Urbos3 26 returns to Wednesbury

Back on 20th and 21st September 2017 Midland Metro’s CAF built Urbos3 26 left Wednesbury Depot for repairs at Wolverton Works following a derailment and now some six months later it is back in town. As with its departure it arrived in two sections on two separate days with part one turning up on Thursday 22nd March and the remainder on Friday 23rd March.

You may remember that 26 had last been noted in service way back in June 2017 and it wasn’t until September that it transpired that a derailment at the depot had caused damage to the underframe. This damage was deemed severe enough that the repairs had to be contracted out and they were undertaken at Wolverton – no stranger to modern UK trams with some of Metrolink’s T68s enjoying a refresh there.

The repairs now sufficiently complete it was back onto the low loader for 26 and it was delivered back to Wednesbury. Now that it is back it will need to be reconnected to become one tram once again and this will be followed by recommissioning and a return to service.

Elsewhere on Midland Metro the battery fitted tram, 18, has been undergoing driver training in recent weeks but has still not entered service.

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