Metrolink disruption after two incidents in a day

Monday 12th February saw two incidents cause disruption on Manchester Metrolink. Both a collision on the Ashton-under-Lyne involving a car and a tram and a pedestrian being hit by a tram in the city centre saw tram services disrupted.

The first delays were caused by a car and a tram colliding in Audenshaw at around 0930. No injuries were reported in this collision which involved a white car and M5000 3091. Whilst the scene was cleared trams terminated at Droylsden with a bus replacement to Ashton-under-Lyne.

Then at approximately 1420 as a double unit including 3045 was travelling along High Street and hit a pedestrian. The pedestrian got caught on the tram by his bag and according to local media reports he was freed by a passer-by who cut him free using a penknife. The man suffered minor injuries and was able to walk unaided to an ambulance. Trams between St Peter’s Square and Victoria were diverted via 2CC for around 40 minutes whilst the incident was cleared.

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