In Pictures: Triple tram hire in Blackpool

One week ahead of the first public running day for Blackpool’s heritage trams in 2018, a particularly interesting private hire took place for an enthusiast’s birthday, utilising three different trams across the day. Most noteworthy of all was the inclusion of what was almost certainly the first ever January working by a Boat car!

The hire took place on Saturday 20th January, and had originally planned to use Boat 600 switching on to Millennium car 718 for the final leg as afternoon turned to evening. However, this plan was initially scuppered by heavy rain, and so visiting Brush car 630 was used instead for the first trip to Fleetwood from Rigby Road depot. On its return south, the weather had improved to the extent that passengers were ‘de-trammed’ at North Pier, with the brave (mad?) crew returning to Rigby Road to collect Boat 600. Due to time restrictions, this tram was only able to run from North Pier to Little Bispham and back to the depot, but by doing so history was made! It was then left to 718 to bring the day to a close with a final trip to Fleetwood under the cover of darkness.

Due to the unplanned use of three different trams rather than the intended two, the tour participants never made it south of Manchester Square but with such a varied selection of trams to ride on and a historic ‘first’ achieved, its unlikely that anyone minded much. With such excitement offered by the heritage service itself, it has become increasingly difficult to offer anything really special with private hires but this particular jaunt proved that it can still be done!

630 arrives at North Pier at the end of its stint on private hire duty on 20th January.

Against the backdrop of a striking sunset, Boat 600 arrives at North Pier to collect its party for a rare winter outing.

As the day's fun draws to an end, 718 is shown loading up on Hopton Road before heading to Fleetwood. (All photos by Rob Bray)

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3 Responses to In Pictures: Triple tram hire in Blackpool

  1. KenW says:

    I thought there was a boat car used in January a couple of years ago. Might be wrong.

  2. John says:

    That is correct, it was scheduled to be used on the Sunday but ended up out both days. I drove it on the Sunday and for the hire on 20th! Not sure what that says about me haha

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