In Pictures: More progress on Sheffield Tram-Train project

Another pictorial update from South Yorkshire as work continues on construction for the Tram-Train pilot which will eventually link the Stagecoach Supertram network with the UK national rail network; hopefully starting a new era in public transport in this country. In this update we take a look around Rotherham to see just how far construction has come recently.

Continued progress on the tram-train platform on the Sheffield side at Rotherham Central.

One more view of the Sheffield side platform’s continued construction.

An aerial view at Rotherham Central showing the overhead wire now in situ.

Overhead support mast and contact wire.

Overhead masts now fully erected at Rotherham Parkgate – now it just needs wires!

Back at Rotherham Central and foundations are also in place for the other platform. (Photographs x6 by Glyn Hill)

A view of the overhead being installed looking north towards Greasbrough Road bridge, Rotherham.

A look at the inbound platform under construction with a lot of work still to come.

The contact wire being installed above the Sheffield bound track immediately south of Rotherham Central station, with the base of the under construction outbound tram-train platform visible in the foreground.

View from Brinsworth Street of work in progress to the west of the A630 Centenary Way bridge, with the Rotherham United's football stadium providing the backdrop. (Photographs x4 by Mike Haddon)

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One Response to In Pictures: More progress on Sheffield Tram-Train project

  1. Geoff IoM says:

    I’d just like to say a big ‘thank you’ to Mike Haddon for keeping us all regularly updated with photos of the tram-train works. It looks as if this VERY long-running saga may finally be coming to a successful conclusion!