Picture in Time: Sheffield Corporation Tramways Tenter Street Depot

For today’s trip into the archives we head to the South Yorkshire city of Sheffield for a view inside one of the original tramway’s depots at Tenter Street with a number of trams present.

Tenter Street Depot was opened by Sheffield Corporation Tramways on 20th September 1929 and was a two storey building with 22 tracks for the housing of trams. A bus garage was found above. The depot remained in use until the closure of the tramway in October 1960 after which it was converted for further use as a bus garage until this too was closed and the building was demolished.

This photo was taken on 8th November 1958 and shows a number of trams at rest within the depot mostly in the mainly white livery although on the right hand side it seems that there is a tram in the dark blue livery. The most easily visible trams are 280 and 272 both of which come from a batch of domed roof cars built between 1936 and 1939 by Sheffield Corporation Tramways. Although neither of these trams survive today Crich’s 264 was part of the same batch.

Photograph by Tony Sullivan

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4 Responses to Picture in Time: Sheffield Corporation Tramways Tenter Street Depot

  1. Nigel Pennick says:

    Is the dark tram near the back the single-deck works car?

    • Paul D says:

      My best educated guess is that it is snow-plough 354 – now known as 46 and cosmetically restored as a passenger car (in store at Clay Cross).

  2. Nigel L says:

    I think there are 2 works cars in view, I agree one is probably 46, and the other could be 330, the ex Bradford car converted to a water rail grinder.

    • Tony Sullivan says:

      If I enlarge the original image I can see that the number on one of the single decks trams is a 0. The rest of the number is obscured. So it seem likely that it is 330. I can not make out the number on the other car. I should have noted all the numbers at the time I took the photo!

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