Fares to increase in Blackpool

Travelling on Blackpool’s trams (and buses) will be more expensive from Sunday 28th May with revised fares being introduced as a result of an increase in operating and fuel costs. An extra 10p will be added to all single fares but any tickets purchased through the recently introduced app will not see any change nor will the 24 hour ticket available on board trams and buses.

The following adult single fares will be available on board the trams:

£1.70 (was £1.60)

£2.20 (was £2.10)

£2.70 (was £2.60)

Child fares will increase from £1 to £1.10.

The onboard Saver 24 hour ticket will stay at £5 for adults (£2.50 for children and £3 for a young person). Meanwhile the 1 day ticket available for purchase online, at Paypoint retailers and at the Blackpool Transport travel office on Market Street will increase to the same price (excluding the Young Person ticket which isn’t available) meaning there is no longer any advantage to buying this ticket before boarding a tram or bus.

There are further changes to ticket prices from Sunday 28th May which can be found at https://images.blackpooltransport.com/downloads/Fares%20May%202017%20Web_1.pdf but no tickets purchased through the app will change.

The Heritage Tram Tour fares will also remain unchanged.

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2 Responses to Fares to increase in Blackpool

  1. Franklyn says:

    I wonder what the ‘operating & fuel costs’ are for the heritage tram fleet, which runs on electricity and is now largely staffed by volunteers?

    I also wonder what the running costs have turned out to be of the new “upgrade” fleet in comparrison to the classic trams?

    Seems to me like the Blackpool bus operation could also use some good healthy competition again.

    Bring back Blue Buses!

  2. Mike says:

    What does the cost of Heritage matter? Its not a commercial public Tramsport undertaking and is therefore irrelevant to this article.
    Of course New trams are probably more expensive to run but you can’t compare as there is no alternative to the LRT system!
    BTS does have competition for its bus services, the last thing we need is even more buses choking the streets of Blackpool!

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