In Pictures: Horse Tram Day at Crich

Thursday 11th May saw the first use of Sheffield 15 at Crich for 2017 with Joseph once again on hand to provide the horse power. This was the first of six occasions this year when 15 will in use with the special horse service between 1100 and 1300 and 1400 and 1600 with a modest extra fee payable to enjoy the ride between Town End and depot crossover.

In addition to 15 in use on 11th May Glasgow 22, London United Tramways 159 and Blackpool 236 were in service along with Berlin 223 006-4 on its advertised access journeys.

During a break 15 is seen at Town End alongside Blackpool 236.

Another view of the same two trams.

The stunning London United Tramways 159 at Stephenson Place.

236 and 159 pass at Stephenson Place. On a sunny day is there a better sight than this?

Sheffield 15 embarks on another journey with London United Tramways 159 for company.

The other two trams in service – Glasgow 22 and Berlin 223 006-4. (All Photographs by Hazel Quarmby)

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  1. Mike says:

    Such a shame they can’t do more weekend running then us mere mortals on 9-5 slavery could ride.

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