Unsafe building halts Metrolink services in Rochdale

Manchester Metrolink services are unable to travel through Rochdale Town Centre following the discovery of an unsafe building on Drake Street. Cracks were discovered in the building on Friday 17th March and the road was immediately closed to all traffic including trams. All trams on the Oldham and Rochdale line are being terminated at Rochdale Railway Station with a shuttle bus provided for onward travel into the town centre. However with Drake Street closed to all traffic this has also been diverted. Structural engineers will examine the building before a decision is made as to when trams can return to the full route.

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4 Responses to Unsafe building halts Metrolink services in Rochdale

  1. Ralph Smith says:

    Has the road now been Reopened?

    • Gareth Prior says:

      It looks as if the road has reopened this afternoon and trams are now running all the way through to Rochdale Town Centre.

  2. Ken Walker says:

    The trams were certainly still turning back at the railway station at mid-day and there was nothing on the stop there to suggest an imminent re-opening. It could well have opened since.
    Unbelievable that the council have taken 11 days to deal with the problem.

  3. Ian Nicol says:

    The weekend of March 25th /26th was excellent and the heritage trams provided a good service blessed with brilliant sunshine. On Sunday ,however there was a problem with Bolton 66 which came to a sudden stop between Little Bispham and Bispham. A flexity was behind together with 648. eventually 66 continued to Bispham albeit very slowly and parked in the centre track. The passengers from 66 were transferred to 648.Some help arrived from the depot and eventually 66 made it back to the depot under its own power.