In Pictures: Preparations for the new season at Crich

In nine days time on Saturday 18th March another season will commence at the Crich Tramway Village and with this in mind preparations are in hand which has seen Cardiff 131 out and about cleaning the track. 131 started its work on Tuesday 7th March and has been continuing since initially concentrating on the northern section of track up towards Glory Mine.

131 looks resplendent outside The Red Lion on 8th March.

And then heads off up the line to do its job of cleaning the track. (Both Photographs courtesy of Crich Tramway Village)

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One Response to In Pictures: Preparations for the new season at Crich

  1. Edward M. Koehler says:

    The image of the 131 brings back great memories. I attended the Electric 50 event and had a chance to ride this car over the full length of the line. Not bad for an enthusiast from New York City.

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