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We are aware of an issue on the British Trams Online homepage where a login screen is appearing as soon as you access this. Please do not enter any details in this box as it is not connected to the website in any way. If you have already entered details into this we strongly advise you to change your login details.

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8 Responses to British Trams Online homepage

  1. Ken Walker says:

    Just had it when I came onto the website. Just click on cancel and you get into the website anyway so it could well be some sort of scam. I’ve also had them asking me to log into other sites and ignore those as well.

  2. Geoff, Isle of Man says:

    I had the same problem on BTO, but not elsewhere. As Ken says, just cancel it and you can enter the site.

  3. Gareth Prior says:

    Problem should hopefully be solved. If you refresh your browser to an updated version of the homepage you shouldn’t get the message again but please let me know if you do so I can investigate further. It appears that the news ticker had been compromised and now this has been taken out it isn’t happening.

    Thank you to everyone who let us know of the problem.

  4. Watcherzero says:

    Was a blanket hack of WordPress powered websites using an exploit in a page creation tool, the vast majority of blogs were compromised.

  5. DAVE MITCHELL says:

    I have had a similar episode with “BT HUB” appearing, again just delete and re upload

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