Looking ahead to 2017: Heaton Park Tramway

One of the first of the UK’s heritage tramways to announce their events plan for 2017 was the Heaton Park Tramway in Manchester with an ambitious plan of events aimed at both enthusiasts and families.

Following their winter break the tramway will reopen to the public on Sunday 19th February and the tramway will then be open regularly throughout the year with a number of special events due to take place.

The events which are likely to have most appeal to enthusiasts are the MTMS 50 celebration on 2nd April and the Tramtastic Day Out on 2nd July. Exact details of what will be happening at either event have yet to be made public but at the MTMS 50 event there will be a celebration of to 50th anniversary of the formation of the Manchester Transport Museum Society (operators of the tramway) with the early literature promising that they usually know how to celebrate! The Tramtastic Day Out is also in the early stages of planning but there should be something for everyone to enjoy all over the park.

A number of other events will also take place in 2017 including the return of the popular Trans Lancs Vehicle Show (3rd September), Volunteer Taster Day (22nd April), Locals Day (9th April) and TDADE’s Driver for a Father (TDE on Father’s Day – 18th June).

The full list of events currently planned are:

2 April: MTMS 50

9 April: Locals Day

15-17 April: Eggstram Special Easter

22 April: Volunteer Taster Day

28 and 29 May: Family Fun Day

18 June: TDADE’s Driver for a Father

2 July: Tramtastic Day out

8 and 9 July: Race for Life

3 September: Trans Lancs Vehicle Show

Further details of these events can be found at http://www.heatonparktramway.btck.co.uk/Events2017.

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5 Responses to Looking ahead to 2017: Heaton Park Tramway

  1. Richard Ernill says:

    Are there any plans yet for T68 1007 to go to Heaton Park?

  2. Ste says:

    Surely they are not actually going to operate 1007? I have massive respect for this little Tramway and what they have achieved over the years but surely the upkeep of one of those beasts is stratching resources too far for any of our museums? Not to mention that hulking great thing running in the park! Surely a static display which can be boarded is much more suitable? And achievable?

  3. Martin Bryan says:

    Hi Ste

    Yes the longer term goal is to run 1007 in occassional use. A large number of spare parts were donated to the society along with the vehicle itself to ensure this can be carried out.

    It will not operate on the existing line though but one yet to be constructed.

    The (currently full) depot needs to be extended and trackwork laid though even if it was to be a static to enable 1007 to be shunted inside.

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