Looking ahead to 2017: Birkenhead Heritage Tramway

The Birkenhead Heritage Tramway (and Wirral Transport Museum) will again be operating throughout 2017 with services on their tramway between Woodside Ferry and Taylor Street running on most weekends and during local school holidays. In addition they are also planning a number of special events.

As always the highlight for 2017 looks set to be the Wirral Bus and Tram Show which will take place on Sunday 1st October. 2017 will be the 20th anniversary of this show with the tramway likely to run a four tram service throughout the event with a selection of trams from their collection.

An extra event due to take place will be a special event to commemorate 60 years since the closure of Liverpool Corporation Tramways. The nearest Saturday to this occasion is 16th September so the event will take place on that day (which disappointingly means it will clash with Tram Day at Crich) with a number of original Liverpool buses joining in alongside the trams. There will also be other 1950s vehicles as well as music from the period playing inside the museum.

The full list of already confirmed events is as follows:

28 January: Chinese New Year

24 February: A Night at the Museum 2017

16 September: Liverpool’s Last Trams Event

1 October: Wirral Bus and Tram Show 2017

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