It’s a yes for Trafford Park

Just when it looked as Metrolink construction work was coming to an end comes the news that the UK’s largest tramway network is to expand even further with full government approval now given to the Trafford Park line. Chris Grayling, Secretary of State for Transport, has granted the legal powers for the construction of the 3.4 mile line through the Transport and Works Act order which means work could start as soon as this winter.

The Trafford Park line will leave the current Metrolink network shortly after Pomona (on the Eccles line) and will see six new stops constructed at Wharfside, Imperial War Museum, Village, Parkway, EventCity and Trafford Centre. The route will see trams pass under the Trafford Road Bridge and run alongside the existing promenade next to Manchester Ship Canal before joining Trafford Wharf Road. The line then turns left onto Warren Bruce Road, right onto Village Way up to Parkway. It will then cross over the Bridgewater Ship Canal and turns right onto Barton Dock Road terminating outside the Trafford Centre.

Transport for Greater Manchester will now appoint a contractor to construct the line and it is hoped that initial works may get underway this winter with an opening date for passengers in 2020/21.

Mayor of Greater Manchester, Tony Lloyd, said: “Today’s announcement is another big step forward for Greater Manchester. I’m delighted that our long held ambition to build a new Metrolink line through Trafford Park is now about to become a reality. Our new Trafford Park line will connect people across Greater Manchester to thousands of new job opportunities as well as offering fast, frequent and sustainable links to some of our city-region’s greatest sporting and cultural venues, not to mention the Trafford Centre. This new line will boost our economy and bring us closer to our goal of a world class transport system for Greater Manchester. I look forward to seeing the first shovel in the ground this winter.”

Sean Anstee, Trafford Council Leader, added: “This is great news for Trafford and the Greater Manchester area. It will bring countless opportunities for further investment in the borough and across the region. Excellent transport links are vital to make Greater Manchester as attractive as possible for businesses to establish themselves here and, with them, more jobs and apprenticeship opportunities. Trafford Council and Greater Manchester Combined Authority has worked closely with TfGM to enable this proposal to come to fruition and I want to thank those whose hard work and effort has managed to achieve this wonderful opportunity for the borough.”

The new line will bring the network to more than 66 miles with 99 stops.

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9 Responses to It’s a yes for Trafford Park

  1. Peter G says:

    I wish the TfGM team would come across to West Yorkshire and take charge of whatever hair brained scheme is proposed next for Leeds.
    Let West Yorkshire in on your secret as what is needed to be the “Golden Child” for getting any funding for anything in the North.
    I bet if they had applied for Trolleybus powers instead of their Guided Busway it would have been “of course you can, here’s the Chequebook all signed, fill out the amount!”
    That way, we might just get some sort of a Public Transport Network other than a very down at heel and shoestring operated First Leeds Bus Service and stop been the Poor Relation over t’ hill.

  2. Nigel Pennick says:

    Good news. Manchester’s persistence in building what is necessary and expanding it to create a proper network contrasts strongly with all the other English cites that have never got their equally necessary systems up and running.

  3. tram man says:

    Great news for Metrolink.I have always said a line to the Trafford centre would be a licence to print money.Every tram all day long would be busy as there is no real alternative apart from the car and we all know what a nightmare that can be.My only concern would be can Cornbrook cope with another six minute service.
    The contract to build it would probably go to MPT/Thales as it ties in nicely with the completion of the second city crossing.What a great example of how things should be done.

  4. Phil Hart says:

    Also could Deansgate-Castlefield cope with it. Like Cornbrook you also see trams queueing there.
    Once Second City Crossing opens the main bottlenecks will be from Cornbrook to St Peter’s Square.

    The current plan is for Trafford Line is to go through Victoria along Bury line terminating at Crumpsall.

    • HowieB says:

      Does anyone know which route Trafford Centre cars will take through 2CC on their way to Crumpsall and does anyone have any ideas what the other service diagrams will look like after 2CC opens eg will East Disbury trams go via Cross Street? Final question: will ITV appeal the Trafford Centre route? The soaps aren’t half as exciting as this!

  5. Melway42 says:

    I totally endorse Peter G comments once again Metrolink is flexing its tentacles whilst we in Leeds are held to ransom by Firstbus who are increasing their fares again. It’s inconceavable that there is no quality transit system in the UK’s third largest city. Meanwhile the city is on the verge of gridlock.

    • David Green says:

      Manchester, the city, is 6th on that list. It is the greater urban area that has the Metrolink. Greater Manchester is second on that list

    • Nigel Pennick says:

      It must be something to do with the relative political influence on Whitehall of the Greater Manchester and Leeds authorities. Clearly Greater Manchester has it, whllst Leeds doesn’t.

  6. Erik Ickerbobs says:

    What happens if we hear the toots in Corrie?