In Pictures: Beside the Seaside at Crich

Having firmly established itself as a major part of the special event calendar at the Crich Tramway Village, Beside the Seaside took place at the home of the National Tramway Museum between Saturday 28th May and Sunday 5th June this year. Once again Blackpool trams took centre stage of the majority of the event although at times other popular trams also saw use with fine weather at times seeing trams such as Glasgow 1068 and London County Council 106 brought out to play. In addition to the usual tram service (which on some days saw more than the standard three trams in use) there were lots of family based activities including a fun fair on site. Hazel Quarmby recorded these views for us.

On the first day of the event Blackpool 762 is seen approaching Victoria Park.

Another view of 762. This time we find the tram at Town End with more fairground rides for company.

Day two and Blackpool cars Boat 236 and Pantograph 167 are joined by London County Council 106 at Stephenson Place.

Also on Sunday 29th May and Blackpool Toastrack 166 was in use along with Blackpool Jubilee 762.

Blackpool 167 at Victoria Park with more fairground rides on view.

1st June now and three Blackpool trams meet at Stephenson Place. 167 heads off on a journey passing 236 and 762 waiting patiently.

Berlin 223 006-4 awaits its next duty at Town End with Blackpool 236 for company. (All Photographs by Hazel Quarmby)

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