Southend Pier Railway closed for 12 weeks

Is it a railway or is it a tramway? Either way it has been announced that the rail mounted vehicle which operates along the UK’s longest pier in Southend is to be out of action for up to 12 weeks due to essential maintenance work on the pier structure.

Recent extensive investigations of the pier it has been identified that 27 pile caps need to be replaced. The majority of these are on the eastern side of the pier which is where the railway/tramway operates and as a result whilst the repairs are made it will not be possible to run the service. The pier will remain open for visitors on foot and some electric buggies are being hired in case of emergency evacuation.

With the work taking place now it means that the railway/tramway is to be out of action during the peak summer season and for anyone who visits Southend and wants to go onto the pier its going to be a long walk to the end!

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2 Responses to Southend Pier Railway closed for 12 weeks

  1. Ian Banks says:

    That’s a shame during the summer months still if it needs to be done then so be it, I have lived in Southend all my life and remember the toast racks and when the new trains came in 1949, its a long walk for us old chaps I don’t mind one way but always trained back.

  2. Frank Gradwell says:

    The bigger problem is the effect on patronage of the Balmoral which is due to call there right around now.

    A three mile walk to board is just too much for most.

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