In Pictures: Triple M5000 on Metrolink

You wait ages for a tram to turn up and then three arrive at once! On Sunday 29th May M5000 3066 failed whilst operating on the Airport line and in order to get the tram back to depot it was decided to sandwich it between 3080 and 3061 creating the incredibly rare sight of three trams running together. Steve Kemp captured the threesome at Sale Water Park.

Three images of the three trams as they make their way through Sale Water Park. 3066 is the centre tram. (All Photographs by Steve Kemp)

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5 Responses to In Pictures: Triple M5000 on Metrolink

  1. tram man says:

    looks like either the pantograph has failed on 3066 or its a complete dead vehicle,hence the top and tailing to get it back to Trafford depot.It must have caused severe delays on the airport line that day as they would have used the service vehicle behind and the service vehicle in front to top and tail it.

  2. Nigel Pennick says:

    That’s what you call a tram train!

  3. Erik Ickerbobs says:

    It happened before with T68 1024+ T68A 2005+ T68 1005!

  4. Steve Hyde says:

    The running of triple units used to be a daily event on the Bury Line line the late afternoon as a means of getting 3 T68s up to Bury from Queens Road to form up the afternoon peak double units.

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