The Diamond Jubilee Brush nears completion

Rapid progress continues to be made on the transformation of the Fleetwood Heritage Leisure Trust’s Blackpool Brush 290 into a tram celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee at Kirkham Prison with the first of the student artwork recently been affixed to the windows.

The painting of the tram has also reached a near conclusion now and illuminated flairs are being fixed to the side of the tram which make it the first new Illuminated Tram in Blackpool since the Trawler was introduced into service in 2001.

Staff from the Illuminations team have this week joined the team of prisoners led by Colin MacLeod, a trustee of the Fleetwood Heritage Leisure Trust, to fit lighting fixtures on the tram and to add the student designs to the windows. One of the last jobs to be undertaken will be fitting of the new gantry and this will be done by the Illuminations team.

It is probable that the transfer of the tram from Kirkham Prison to its temporary home alongside Pleasure Beach loop will be coordinated with the installation of The Rocket on Gynn Square roundabout but no final decisions have yet been taken on when this will be. The Rocket is, of course, currently undergoing cosmetic work at the Blackpool Illuminations Depot so it can take a starring role in the 2012 Illuminations as well. It will be good to see both of the trams playing a major role in the greatest free show on earth (well in Blackpool anyway)!


A close-up view of one end of 290 showing off one of the student's pieces of art now inserted in the saloon window. Also visible is the illuminations installed on the side flares. (Photo courtesy of Fleetwood Heritage Leisure Trust)

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