Picture in Time: Seaton 8

We are in Sussex for the latest edition of Picture in Time as we take a look at the Modern Electric Tramways operation in Eastbourne ahead of its move along the south coast to Seaton. The tram in focus is no. 8 as it was in 1968.

No. 8 was actually newly built in 1968 and is seen here in its original condition which included lower deck saloons and a coat of green and white paint. It was built to the Eastbourne gauge of 2 foot but looking forward to the Seaton move just two years later (which had already been decided on) it was slightly larger than similar trams 6 and 7. Upon movement to Seaton it was regauged to 2’9” and had the honour of being the first paying passenger carrying tram in Devon when it ran using a battery trailer. Fast forward to 1992 and a spell in the workshops saw no. 8 rebuilt with the lower deck now featuring crossbench seating, which is the condition it remains in today. It has also been a colourful tram with it being the first pink tram in Seaton and then in 2012 it received a nice coat of Bristol blue and cream paint.

Photograph by John Hampton

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