New fare structure & new CCTV system for NET

Preparations for the opening of the Nottingham Express Transit extensions are continuing with the announcement of a new fare structure whilst a state of the art CCTV system has been switched on. There also continue to be remedial works on the extensions as everything is put into place ahead of the opening later this summer.

The new fares structure will see the introduction of return tickets (from all stops except the four termini) whilst single tickets will actually remain at the current levels – which means you can travel from one end of the network to the other for just £2.20 (£1.10 for children). The new return tickets will cost £3.50 for adults, £2 for children, £2.50 for students and concessions (outside of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire)

There are some increases to current fare levels with the all day ticket – being rebranded as a NETWork ticket – rising from £3.70 to £4 for adults (£2.20 for children) which is still remarkable value considering how much the system will be increasing in size when the extensions open (although in the intervening period this obviously doesn’t feel as quite a good value ticket!) The Adult weekly ticket will also see a minor increase (from £16 to £17) but the Group Day Ticket will remain at the same levels as now with £9 during term time weeks and £5 during school holidays and weekends.

The new fares structure will be introduced from Sunday 19th July and full details can be viewed in the fares leaflet at

Elsewhere the new state of the art CCTV system has been switched on at the NET control centre. This sophisticated service monitoring equipment has been installed at the revamped control centre which is located at Wilkinson Street Depot. Over 180 cameras will be available across the whole expanded network with HD digital images being captured to ensure the system remains a safe way to travel across Nottingham.

During operations at least five members of staff – including two members of the customer services team – will be on duty in the control room. Darren Smith, Deputy Operations Manager, explained more: “Impressive as it is, the CCTV is just the final part of a complete overhaul of our control room facilities. The strictly controlled, ‘sterile’ area has also seen the installation of a large screen that monitors the location of all trams on the network in real time, as well as the status of points, signals and other vital infrastructure. It’s also home to members of the customer services team, and from there they can instantly update customers on services using announcements, information displays or social media. The control room really is the beating heart of the network.”

These two developments are just the latest in a string as progress is made towards the opening of the extensions. Before anyone asks no dates has yet to be announced as to when the lines will open to the public but rest assured as soon as we know you will know!

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4 Responses to New fare structure & new CCTV system for NET

  1. Nev Sloper says:

    Nice to read something positive about the NET. The local media, especially the BBC, are obsessed with seeking out negative stories at every opportunity.

  2. Bob Stephens says:

    It was noticed that certain track repairs are taking place in Beeston and Clifton, it gives the anti’s more ammunition and the public relations teams at NCT are not very good at responding to requests for information. In fact looking at the Toton park and Ride site it looks as though we could be in for a number of weeks before anything like an opening date is set.

  3. John Gilbert says:

    I have come to believe, as per Nev. Sloper’s letter, that Local media and the BBC are ALWAYS obsessed against anything positive and seek out every opportunity to spoil.

  4. Clifford Stead says:

    Trams get a bad press off the media right across the UK, the Manchester Evening News don`t have a good word for Metrolink.