Metrolink give 3100 an official launch

The excitement over Manchester Metrolink’s one hundredth M5000 hasn’t abated yet as an official launch event for 3100 has taken place at Trafford Depot ahead of the tram entering service this weekend. Staff from Transport for Greater Manchester and RATP Dev – operator of Metrolink – celebrated the completion of the work to commission the tram into service at the depot on Friday 26th June.

Since the tram arrived in Manchester on Saturday 13th June it has undergone commissioning and mileage accumulation work before being moved across the city centre to Trafford Depot where it is to join the non ATS/VRS fleet. During the commissioning the full livery was applied which, according to the press release, contains over 7,000 dots!

Peter Cushing, Metrolink Director at TfGM, said: “I’m sure this is a very proud moment for all the staff here at Metrolink, many of whom have seen at first hand the major expansion of the network symbolised by Tram 100. I’d like to thanks all our customers for joining us on this journey to improve and expand their tram system.”


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  1. Erik Ickerbobs says:

    I wonder when 3101 and 3102 arrive.

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