New Wimbledon platform work to continue

London Tramlink services to Wimbledon will be suspended from 13th July until October as work to install the new platform at this important terminus continues. As previously reported once the work is completed a new platform arrangement will be in place which will enable two trams at once to be in situ which will enable a 50% increase in services of to be implemented.

Since the network opened Tramlink services have run directly into the national rail station using half of the length of platform 10 with the other half originally remaining available for use by national rail services. Recently preliminary works have taken place – behind hoardings so not much is known as to what has been achieved so far –  to enable the construction of an extra platform for Tramlink services. The plan is that two trams will be able to use the platform at the same time with a second track being installed alongside (on the shopping centre side) to enable trams to access the new part of the platform whilst a tram is in situ in the current section.

During the works all services on the Wimbledon branch will start from and terminate at Dundonald Road. No replacement bus services are to be operated but there will instead be a clearly signposted walking route to Dundonald Road which should take 10 minutes. Alternatively Tramlink tickets will be valid on service buses which join with the tram network further along the line. Passengers can connect with Merton Park on the 163 and 164 bus routes. Morden Road on the 93 and for Phipps Bridge the 200.

Sharon Thompson, Director of London Trams, said: “The tram enhancement work at Wimbledon is a vital development that will increase the capacity of London’s tram network, which is much needed on this busy service. When complete in 2016, our customers will benefit from a more frequent service with the introduction of four new trams across the Wimbledon to West Croydon branch. The tram platform at Wimbledon will need to be closed temporarily to finish the work. Passengers will need to allow some extra time to get to and from Dundonald Road during this period.”

Once the work is completed Tramlink will be able to run 12 services an hour all the way to Wimbledon providing a much needed boost to capacity on this very busy section of line.

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  1. Tom Irvin says:

    I’m not too familiar with the layout at Wimbledon, so apologies if this seems a daft question.
    I note from Quail that there is no crossover at Dundonald Road. Will trams be turning back using a stub of single line, or will the full single line at Wimbledon be within the possession?

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